Foundation Milena Carvajal


Requests for financial support

Grant applications must be addressed to the Foundation according to opened calls. The applicant must send three copies of his grant application. The application must be written in English. 

The application must include a detailed description of the project (3 - 5 pages maximum), as well as a list of publications of the applicant. A budget with a precise description and justification of the amount requested must be added. If the application concerns equipment, a valid offer is expected as well as a justification for the acquisition of this equipment. The equipment financed by the Foundation becomes the property of the research institute, university or hospital where the project is carried out. The application should mention whether the project is, will be or will require the financial support of another agency.
In addition, it should be noted that the Foundation will not support so-called “indirect costs” or “overhead”.

Next call deadline:  

Projects may be submitted any time to the Foundation, but at best before November 1st in order to secure a funding decision for the next year.

Maximal support per project: 50‘000.- CHF